July 25, 2010

Steven and I were matched by two different dating websites.  The timing didn't work for me the first time so we didn't meet.  Then we were matched again 3 months later and have been together ever since!  I felt an immediate connection to his profile picture.  He had cut someone out of the photo and my initial reaction was that I wanted to be alongside him in the picture!

Steven is Australian, but has lived in the U.S. for almost 9 years.  I am originally from New Jersey and have lived in Seattle about 9 years, as well.  We bought a house together in the summer of 2009...the very same week we got engaged!

Our wedding will be an elegant evening affair!  Our colors are purple with ivory/champagne accents and a little bling sprinkled throughout!  I love sparkly things so we are incorporating it in my gown, the bridesmaids gown, invitations, toasting flutes, etc.

Sneak Peek Photos